Open weave or closed weave to your preference

Open weave or closed weave to your preferenceMany think and believe that certain weaves, like the half-head or open weave, leave more hair breathe as a part of the hair is left outside. In practice, the tiny strip of hair to hide the first row of weaving does not go beyond 5 cm2 and is not sufficient to bring a better ventilation of woven hair.

A closed weaving is not more restrictive to wear although the added mass of hair is much more voluminous as the whole skull is covered. Indeed, with a closed weave woven strands can marry more naturally skull shape and thus respect the direction of the natural hair grows while allowing a wide choice of hair style (smooth, wavy, curly, colored, etc. ..).

After completion of your weaving, you must try some suitable blow dryers and hair straighteners because every product does not fit with your weaving hair.

Sustainable weaving with natural highlights

Weaving sewn with rings (rings), extensions, quilted dropped, etc …, regardless of your choice is, the practice still is to add locks in a curly hair, integrating them into your genuine hair and, in the most natural way it is. For it would be a pity anyone noticing!

These bits can be finished either from natural hair type Remi Hair, Brazilian, mal├ęsien which have the advantage of lasting a very long time and permit the realization of all hairstyles (brushing, smoothing, loop), and the application technical processes such as care, dyeing, bleaching and permanent. All capillary fantasies are allowed; or either from synthetic hair (kanekalon) whose life does not exceed two months, and keep all the same shape (looping, ripple) for 1 month.



Quick Weave system is not weaving since you can take away when you want to make a shampoo to treat your hair or to sleep.

Instead, you can keep it as you see fit. It could be likened to a wig, except that the mounting system with combs in front and at the back of the head is really different, more comfortable and better suited … all our customers the proclaim, try it is to adopt it! It really shows respect the health of hair and is an excellent system to stay well when your have defeated wearing braids or weave and want to remain stylish without weakening your scalp.

Diouda provides a selection of Quick Weaves wigs that fit in 1 minute to the shape and size of your head. Natural hair wig, synthetic wig or choose according to your desires and change your style when the heart tells you.

Depending on the nature of your hair, you can opt for half or full head wig head.

Choose from a variety of model of wigs depending on its color, style, length you want: curly wig or smooth, wavy or curly wig, wig afro, short or long wig.

We also provide a selection of treatments for the care of your wigs: shampoo, refreshing and brush wig. Learn more, please read our article: “How to maintain your wigs, quick weaves, weaving?”

Choose weaving

100% human hair, “human hair” natural weaving, Brazilian Hair, Indian hair … the consumer is now and then a bit lost. Miss Afro conducted the survey. Tags: afro, natural hair weaving, Brazilian Hair

The weaving and hair strands market is characterized by a very large blur on the quality and the true nature of the products we buy. And this vagueness usually do not advantage the consumer. Miss Afro therefore propose a small summary and some guidelines for buying your weaves and hair strands. Here they are all ranked in descending order of quality:

Remy hair

Indian hair, Brazilian remy hair or locks : the top quality but also the most expensive. However, as they are reusable, this is a very lucrative investment.

These are hair collected in Indian temples (yes, even the “Brazilian” locks!), Sorted, washed and disinfected. You can color them, curling or straightening them: they are real hair. A 100% natural product easily recognizable by its sweetness when we took over.

Curly weaves sold as “brazilian hair” have sometimes received standing at the distributor (Indian tend to have straight or wavy hair). Some then lose their curls sometimes a little washing, which sometimes disappoints. But you can redo this permanent yourself.

The favorite brand of Miss Afro: Authentic Remy Hair

100% human hair

The “100% human hair” come from China and were treated with acid and coated with silicone. Sometimes rather pretty, their life is on the order of 1 to 2 months (depending on the frequency of brushing and washing). Because of the enlarged demand they are becoming increasingly expensive.

Popular Brands Miss Afro: Sleek and Stunning

The human hair

The “human hairs” are rather vague. The Chinese are also silicone hair, a life of 1 to 2 months. Cheaper, they may contain other fibers, mixed with human hair (synthetic or yak hairs). Some may cry to the “scam” but the moment there is no written “100% human hair” it remains perfectly legal.

Miss Afro rather avoid.

Synthetic wicks

Synthetic strands have the merit of not misleading the consumer. At least we know what they are. Often a little too bright, they have the advantage of being cheap.

The favorite brand of Miss Afro: Sensational (Batik)

Five Special tips of Weaving


1. You will use the appropriate hair styling products for maintenance of your weaving

FIVE-SPECIAL-TIPS-OF-WEAVINGEach weaving has different needs depending on its quality and texture. For example, a curly weave may require a leave-conditioning to reduce frizz while a smooth weaving could need a light moisturizer or nothing. It varies! So please, perform your research and do not be afraid to ask lots of questions to your hairdresser.

2. Take care of your weaving as if it were your real hair

Make best use of the life of your weave well protecting the night at bedtime, avoiding excess heat and treatment products but especially by cleaning regularly. Ask your stylist shampoo for appropriate frequency and conditioner for your type of weaving.

3. Protect your temples and your scalp

We have all been surprised at the sight of this picture of Naomi Campbell circulating on the Internet. So ladies, you can save it to your hair out! By maintaining good temples and scalp, there are plenty of products and tips to prevent falls. For example, massage your temples, neck and scalp with an oil, such as olive oil or jojoba, impregnated with a stimulating herb such as rosemary to rouse the scalp and prevent falls hair.

4. Weave beyond its expiry date

I know the temptation is great to extend his control. After all, you never change a winning team. But it is not compulsory that you keep your extensions or weaving for a period of 6 to 8 weeks. In addition, you run the risk that your real hair is matifient and stick to extensions that your scalp is irritated or simply losing your hair.

5. You shall bind you to your point of weaving

We are not talking about having a preference for a particular style, but rather the idea that you need to have a weave or extensions to be beautiful. Yes, weaving is not an extension of you but just an accessory like your purse or lipstick. So you can spend some time in order to breathe your hair. After all, when all is said and done, the real beauty is not she inside.

Weaving: the 5 commandments

Weaving, grafting or extension is one of hairstyle options most appreciated by the modern woman who must juggle his many activities and obligations. So best friend or enemy of women today? Whatever your opinion and what motivates the choice of weaving, it is imperative to maintain it but especially to protect your hair. Here are the ten commandments that should bend!

1. Your hair to your weaving

There is nothing worse than a weaving of different textures to your real hair. If you are not able to comb your hair to mimic the texture of your locks, find at least a weave that has the same color as your real hair!

2. Your weaving braids

Do not draw eyes on you for the wrong reason. If you are not able to hide much of your tresses weave, it is time to remove it or to find a plan B for her hair: a scarf or hat, perhaps?

3. You have your good weave sewn on your head

With wear and comb strokes, your weaving can unravel, should be remedied. But under no instances one should leave his weaving row dangle the end of a thread than as a survivor clinging to a lifeline.

4. leave the hair salon in discomfort or pain

Too many women go away their hairstyles room with a pain because their braids are too tight or poorly sewn. We have all been witnesses or victims of this situation. This is not only agonizing but can also cause localized alopecia.

5. Wear a brilliant weaving as the evening star.

A quality weaving a natural glow, it is not essential to weigh it down with a ton of product. That will only make her look even more artificial. More hair weaving your light and bouncy air, the more it look authentic!

Learning to recognize a quality weaving

The market for natural extensions consists of an offer gradually more expanded. Faced with this choice increasingly wide, it is often difficult to navigate. Indeed treatment processes have become so complicated that it is not easy to recognize a blank product of all chemical treatments among the multitude of products.

The name weaving extensions like “Natural” is a guarantee of quality but beware the misnomer. First, it is vital to define the term “Natural”. This term is defined as the precious materials used for weaving is exclusively human hair and that throughout his no corrosive chemical product packaging process was applied. So the hair has retained all its essential features. It is healthy and retains its natural protective layer, the cuticle. The latter provides the optimum product lifespan.

To the naked eye, it is hard or impossible to discern right from wrong. However, we will give you some instructions to help you always choose your Weaving Extensions and avoid casting errors.

1. Visual appearance: beware of appearances!

Appearances can be deceiving. Do not rely on the sometimes too glossy and soft look that will fade in the first wash. A weaving judge is evaluated based on its performance over time and its ability to keep its original state.

The natural hair comes from exclusively from India. It is specially characterized by its volume and density. It has a very pronounced usual flexibility. Therefore, natural extensions of high quality must have a uniform thickness of the frame to tip on longer sizes, Chemical treatments (coloring, silicone, …) make the finest hair because the process destroys the protective covering of your extensions. The result is able to be seen to the naked eye and results in an effect “rat’s tail” especially noticeable on the tips of the hair which are tapered.

Note: Industrial use chemical treatments to mask poor quality of hair. These methods permit to give the appearance of a commercial product that does not reflect its quality over time.

2. Texture

From the first glance, it is likely to distinguish the textures that do not exist in nature. This allows to differentiate between industrial textures that are performed by machines and natural textures.

Some textures can be confusing. Indeed, the hair in its ordinary state still has slight undulations even for those with smooth hair type. A weave with a smooth and strictly stiff texture is not a natural product.

The same is true for some type of curly textures. There are a lot of products with naturally improbable forms. Some weavings sold as “Kinky” or “Jerry Curly” are the basis of smooth hair who was given an artificial form through industrial processes.

The natural weaves like “Curly” have specificity always start again their original shape with every wash. We are talking about organic texture. So like your own hair, it is probable to pass the flat iron and then to return to their initial state after washing.

Unlike organic weaving, industrial textures are made by machines which do not award the same their specific use. in spite of the technological advances in this area, none has yet found the magic formula to enable the conservation of ripples on the long term. Thus the effect and texture loops become paler with time and it is therefore impossible to recover the original shape.

3. The color

In its natural state, the Indian hair color panel covers from black to dark brown. In the range of natural weaves, each has its own color and pronounced reflections. So they all shades sometimes are difficult to distinguish.

It is easy to understand that weaves eccentric colors result of an aggressive chemical treatment. However, the process is often much more faint and less apparent.

A black ebony weave, with no white hair is often the result of coloring. Beware of too uniform color and free of all hues.


Said natural weaves “virgins” are what is best in terms of quality on the market. However, we must remain vigilant with respect to products with an appearance too “perfect”. The few tips given above will help you now to harden your sense of observation to discern right from wrong.

Opting for a natural weaving is choosing a high-end product whose quality will last several years! This product will capture you undetectable even beyond your expectations.

How can I decide the best Curly Weave?

Choosing the top curly weave requires taking your hair color, preference loop, and budget in mind. There is a major difference in the appearance and texture of 100 percent human and synthetic hair extensions. In addition, corresponding to the color of the armor to your own hair is a reason in how realistic armor appears. Just as some people have curly hair than others, a curly weave can be much curlier than others, but what is better is a matter of preference. Finally, the material and the quality of the armor are important in the price, which is an important factor for those operating on a budget.

First, choose between genuine and synthetic hair extensions. It is usual for synthetic hair cost a tenth of the price of real hair. Real hair is mostly human, but rarely from a horse. Human hair extensions have a propensity to last longer and be more natural than their synthetic counterparts and are generally the most preferred type of hair extension. In addition, loops of naturally real hair when wet and can be designed and decorated with heat, without burning plastic smell.

Once you have determined on the best material and your budget, the next walk is to know what color to choose the curly weave. It is most excellent to choose a color that closely matches your own hair so it will blend and look genuine to the layman. For raw people with armor, it is often difficult to infer correctly that, just looking at their own hair and wrapped hair. A professional hair stylist or employees in a beauty supply store can usually help.

Find a reputed product that sells hair extensions. Brands very cheap tend to create poor quality extensions that quickly frizz and usually do not last as long as the mid- to higher-priced brands. In addition, a curly weave tends to require more maintenance than straight armor, especially if they are permitted to move freely. For this reason, it is important to find a brand that provides reliable curly weave known to last long enough to be worth buying.

Choose actually a twisted weave is often the easy part. A beauty supply store that sells hair extensions typically have a wide range of pile fabrics, curly weaves loosely tightened those rascals. After you have selected and bought a curly weave, consult a hairstylist on how to get the best care of it to better ensure its longevity. Many fabrics made from human hair are not as heavy as those made from synthetic hair.